SiN parties take place once a month at super-posh, secret locations in Manhattan.  In order to ensure a desirable ratio of ladies to men and maintain a high standard of quality, SiN screens all those who wish to attend the event.

As ABC's Nightline put it, it is "a modern twist on the swingers' club."

To retain the elite credentials of their party membership base we are not ashamed to discriminate on age, looks or charisma.  The main aim of the parties is to promote a safe, upscale environment for our guests to explore their sexuality, with a focus on making ladies feel comfortable and sexy.

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 SiN parties have just 3 golden rules which transcend both the parties and the online community:

- Ladies make the rules
- No means no
- Members only

These rules help preserve the unique atmosphere which is created by strict membership vetting and an environment where women are always in control.

The dress at parties is sometimes themed and although the dress code is not strict all our members are independently and effortlessly stylish. To find out more about the do's and dont's of the SiN scene please visit the SiN groups in our community section.

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