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The readers of the blog always ask me to share my negative swinger party experiences with them. After the last swing party I went to which was NOT hosted by me, I almost swore off
going to any more. Why? Well, if you recall, the host of this so-called swingers party never bothered to show up and promised us "dozens" of hot couples and single ladies who also mysteriously vanished without any notice. I guess one good thing did come out of the bad experience--we got to meet my friend Leilene and her boyfriend Charlie.

Nevertheless, I thought if I could go to each every swingers party and club in NYC and write about how bad they are, I may be able to help out some of you readers who always ask me for "recommendations." When I say that I honestly cannot recommend any other parties, I'm not kidding. At least the stories detailing these awful parties are entertaining. I never call out parties by name, out of respect and since I throw my own events. But, I will remain steadfast in my mission in exposing these other parties for what they are.

Ever since Time Out NY featured me in their "Secret Life" cover story as a professional by day and swing party hostess and blogger by night, many party promoters in the swing scene have tried (and failed) to emulate my parties. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I don't appreciate the fact that these promoters straight up lie. What makes my parties so unique is the fact that I am an intelligent, open-minded woman in my 20's and a real swinger. I throw parties for FUN and consistently offer a tremendous value as compared with any other party in the city. I know what women want and more importantly, I know what women DON'T want. The guests at the party appreciate the fact that I screen everyone attending and it ensures that everyone has a great time.

When I recently received an email from a woman on a popular swingers personal site inviting me out to her weekly "swingers" party, I was thrilled at the potential of meeting another lady like myself! Could it be that another REAL woman (and not a man pretending to be one) runs hot, swinger parties in the city? Was I about to find my new best friend?

The hostess, "LuAnn", asked me for some assistance in writing up a confirmation email to all her attending guests. English is LuAnn's second language and I was more than happy to offer my assistance to her so I sent her a copy of a letter I send all my confirmed guests. LuAnn decided to use my letter by copying and pasting almost the entire thing! I would not have cared if the rules pertained in this letter were actually followed and the description was an accurate representation of LuAnn's party. However, I later found out what a sham LuAnn and her swinger parties are.

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It seems like everything has been going wrong at work this week: international correspondents received incorrect documents, clients are withholding payments and my secretary forwarded an unedited email to a client. Overworked, stressed and drained-what's a girl to do? After a rough week at work, I like to unwind with a thick, hard dick or two.
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I received the We-Vibe in a discreet package in the mail. I was excited finally receive the "Sex Toy of the Year". Would it live up to it's title? I had the We-Vibe in hand. Now, all I needed was a hard dick. That's where my husband Rocco came in.

It was almost 24 hours since my last orgasm, so I was horny and ready. I had planned to watch the instructional video, but I was far too excited. Using it seemed rather simple, so I dove right in. In mere seconds, I as figured out how to control the variable, 2 speed motor. The device itself is shaped like a "U". One end of the U goes inside the vagina while the other side stays outside, on top of the clitoris. This device can actually stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time, which is quite incredible!

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By Gerry Visco as featured in NY Press

“Could you please snap in the clit attachment?” The 23-year-old birthday girl, who had brought five of her single female friends, hopped onto the Sybian machine and rode it like it was a stallion. But it wasn’t—it was a black metal machine that revs like a motorcycle engine, with lots of action traction. Every gal wants a high-end vibrator, and the Sybian retails for $1,400. Although pricey, it’s transformed women from non- to multi- and even poly-orgasmic. And the birthday girl was certainly having fun during her riding lesson.

It’s September and the nip of fall was in the air, that bustle of getting ready for back to school. What better time to return to classroom pursuits and attend The School of Sex’s weekly party, called “Behind Closed Doors” and take a few refresher courses. In the ladies room, a busty brunette dressed in a tight black body suit, was adjusting her considerable charms, looking in the mirrobcd-jolier. “Does this look cheap?” she asked. “I’m in the lingerie contest.” This was her second time at the event and she’d arrived alone both times. “I was scared, but now I love it!” she purred. When I arrived Friday night at the non-descript midtown office building, the door opened onto an airy 2,000 square foot loft with views of the city and about two dozen couples and more than a dozen “unicorns,” single women, all of them exhibitionists, voyeurs, swingers, hedonists and the merely curious, wearing clothes, though that would change later. Jasmine and Rocco, the hosts, welcomed me. “We’re not here to make money. We do this because we love it,” Jasmine said. The party is BYOB and costs $120 per couple and $20 for a single female, a helluva lot cheaper than the other sex parties in town, which can run up to $500 a pop. Despite the modest price, there wasn’t a troll in sight.

Au contraire. Penthouse Pet Justine Joli was standing by the bar. What a knockout! A lesbian porn star, the tall redhead poured me a drink and gave me her card with a meaningful smile. Or was I imagining things? She’d conducted the Swing School session earlier where she taught the partygoers how not to get jealous while watching their partnera bang someone else and how to get things cooking with complete strangers, among other tricky skills.

Things were a little slow getting started until the lingerie contest at midnight, when there was a little kissy-poo show by Adriana and Kylie, two models wearing skimpy black leather swatches held together by chains. As the crowd heated up, aided by their alcoholic libations, duos, trios, and a few more started to assemble on a few of the beds and lounges in the back of the room. There was some heavy-duty action on the erotic swing. Although I only heard about it later, Justine Joli took her date onto the dance floor. Instead of doing the Lambada, she got on top and went for a nice bumpy ride.


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Ever wonder how Hollywood celebs like Will and Jada Smith make their marriage work? According to a recent interview with the UK magazine Reveal, Will and Jada are very much open minded and are open to having sex with other people. Will says "Our perspective is, you don't avoid what's natural and you're going to be attracted to people." He said being open has made his marriage successful. He further adds, "And lots of sex makes for a good marriage too!"

The media is so quick to throw labels at us and associate negativity with swingers, polyamorists and open-minded couples. It's time to change those conceptions. Swing in the City is here to let the world know that open-minded people are not bored with their sex lives and partners; we are not weirdos looking for attention; we are not cheaters; we're honest people who are open about our sexual desires.

Complete article seen here.

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Rocco and I have had fun in some of the craziest places in the world. Being in the sexual exploration lifestyle has enhanced our sexuality and we have met some amazing people. When we were invited to a Madison Square Garden box suite by a couple in the lifestyle, we gladly accepted.
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As you probably know, School of Sex and Behind Closed Doors were featured in Time Out NY in the "Best swingers clubs in New York City" article. In fact, Time Out used our pictures in the feature without properly crediting us. Yes, all four pictures in the story are from actual Behind Closed Doors events.

There is quite a lot to say about this article. First, a swinger club generally refers to a club with a brick and mortar location that is open several days a week. None of the profiled entities including School of Sex, are actually clubs -- they are roaming parties that generally take place once per month. Well, some roam more than others -- two the parties featured actually host every single on-premise event at the same location. Perhaps it would have made more sense to call the feature "Best swingers parties in NYC."

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Rocco and I got our start in the swinging lifestyle by attending a full-blown orgy in Montreal. Unbeknown to us, the bottom floor of that swingers' club, which happened to be the first area we visited, was hosting a gang-bang night that evening! Rocco and I played amongst ourselves that night, but it was still a scene we will never forget. Even during our very first experience (as well as our second, third, etc.) Rocco and I never had any expectations and always kept an open mind. To me, this is precisely what the swinging lifestyle is all about. Throughout the years, we have met some really great people. We have played with couples and singles. One of the most popular requests we get from readers is to tell our "male-female-female" stories. I have written about our first threesome with a lady seen here. Another one of our favorite experiences took place with our friend Gena.

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Friday night, September 18, was the Behind Closed Doors party hosted by porn star and Penthouse Pet Justine Joli. Justine greeted all her fans and signed some autographs. She also helped us host the largest Swing School ever! We had newbies as well as seasoned swingers who showed up and wanted to hear Justine's take on taboo subjects like how to deal with having sex with multiple partners while maintaining a committed relationship. Two ladies came up to me and said, "You know, we have never been to a swing party where so many people have showed up by 10PM. Usually, we are the only ones there early and we wait hours for others to show up." After Swing School, it didn't take very long before people started getting naughty in the play areas, especially with the sex swing.

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I want to welcome all the new readers who are visiting School of Sex!

My name is Sex Kitten and I am in my late twenties I live and work in Manhattan, and party here too! I started writing this blog as a memoir of all the wild fun my partner, Rocco, and I have had since we started out in the "lifestyle." Being in the lifestyle has brought our relationship to a whole new level. Since there are no issues of jealousy or fear of cheating, we can both be completely honest with each other. The simple truth is that most peopjustine2le will be attracted to those other than their significant others. It's OK to embrace that and be honest about it! Rocco and I love each other more than anything, but we've also managed to come to a point where we can distinguish making love and having sex... and we are totally comfortable having sex with other people. We always play together and most often engage in "partner swapping" with other couples.

Rocco and I have visited clubs all around the world and have had some amazing experiences. We wanted to recreate the ambiance of the hottest parties we experienced, so I began throwing parties with a simple mission: to find other couples and ladies like me and throw the hottest erotic events that New York City has ever seen!

Although we wanted to create a venue similar to the hottest sex clubs in Paris, we also wanted to make our parties approachable to the new couples and single women interested in exploring the scene. We remembered our journey -- we had no help, no guidance, and no support. We had to learn things the hard way, and it took us years to figure things out. Since we were sensitive to the issues and questions beginners have, we started the School of Sex. We understand that not everyone is willing to dive in head first onto their first swingers party/experience as we were (and yes, all the stories you read on my blog are true). Therefore, we developed a program geared towards beginners called Swing School. We offer an introductory, informal session of Swing School during the first hour of all our parties. The moment you walk into our parties, seminars, workshops, etc., you will feel a sense of warmth and comfort. I am a woman and I know the last thing that other young, attractive women and couples want to walk into is a dirty, skeevy joint with swingers that are your grandparents age. We are an entirely organic erotic event run by a *real* couple in the lifestyle.

If you would like to view some of my favorite blog posts, here they are in no particular order:

You will have to create an account in order to view the complete blog content on this site (only previews are available to non-paying members).
My night with porn star Lexington Steele
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The (Former) Biggest Dick in the World

I wanted to thank Time Out NY for choosing School of Sex's Behind Closed Doors as one of the best swingers clubs in NYC. We were also rated a "Top Party to Hook Up". TONY exclusively used pictures from our parties and locations, as seen below, in their Sex Issue.

So if you're looking for the best place to meet hot, young couples and single ladies at the most upscale venues in the city... come to a Behind Closed Doors event!
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There's a funny stigma about sexually confident women. Male dominated views on sexuality insist that a threesome with two girls is hot, but a woman who wants more than one man may be a little too much. I've experienced MMF and FMF threesomes on multiple occasions and I enjoy both. Yes, men and women both do it for me -- but men have an added bonus, a cock. And, if you are a regular reader, you know I like big, thick ones!

I also know that I'm not the only woman in the world who loves to fuck some good dick. I know a number of special ladies who share my appetite for the cock, and it's always a thrill to play with them too. Unfortunately, a number women out there are too shy or repressed to be able to explore their secret desire of fucking amazing new cocks. But, that's why I'm here... to help!
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This week's question is from Seeking in New Jersey:

My husband and I are very new to all this. We had a fantastic time attending the Freedom party last weekend and met a few great couples. Unfortunately, we located in south-Jersey while the couples we met were based out of NYC. We don't get a chance to get up to New York more than once a month, so this presents a problem in terms of meeting our new friends. There is also a lack of any quality parties in south Jersey. Is there any way to find like minded couples (or single ladies) in our area?

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In the waters of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, there used to be a boat like no other that sailed every summer. It was a boat full of swingers. Yes, my readers, I am talking about the one and only Montreal Sexy Boat. Although no longer in operation, the Sexy Boat was one of the more interesting swing parties I have attended. Interesting, but not necessarily hot.

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According to a study performed, men prefer drawings of "average women-say 36-28-38 and 5-foot-4" to drawings that look like Playboy models. Really, the study was based on DRAWINGS of women!
You can read more about it here by clicking here.

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This week's question comes from Kinky Kathy. She writes:

Dear SK,
I love to masturbate. I would think you do as well and was wondering if you have any favorite sex toys you can recommend to me?
Kinky Kathy
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This year, I wanted to do something special on my birthday. So, Rocco and I planned the Summer Heat erotic event last Saturday to coincide with my birthday celebration. And, it was a night I will never forget!

We had an array of fun activities planned for the party -- including the Sybian machine, a fantastic body artist, a sexy outfit contest, and a great DJ-- so we didn't want anyone to miss out on any of the fun. So, we instructed our guests to arrive promptly. Now, I know what you're thinking--this is NYC and everyone is fashionably late, right? Wrong. I think I managed to convince them, because our guests were so prompt that two couples arrived half-hour before the party even began! I guess they were excited and wanted to ensure their entrance -- they knew it would be a popular night. I met some of the sweet and eager new SoS members at the door. They informed me, "This is our first time attending something like this." I reassured them that there was absolutely nothing to worry about and there were a lot of first time couples attending Swing School. I was also greeted by a couple who were involved in the lifestyle for a while, "John" and "Lilly." Although they were not new to the scene, they took my advice and came out to Swing School for the opportunity to get first dibs on conversing with the newbies. They also were kind enough to give me a birthday present!
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Other than running the School of Sex, hosting erotic events and helping women achieve orgasm on the Sybian, I am also an avid fan of porn films. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of many of the porn movies out there. I get bored with one-on-one sex starring Ken and Barbie. I like porn that is also entertaining. No, I'm not talking about elaborate scripts like "Pirates"; I want a porn with a good setup and some fun dialogue. I have recently started watching Fuck Team Five, and the premise is awesome: A group of sexy mamis venture out to various real-life locations, like porn shops and office buildings, to find everyday average Joes to fuck.

The series is hilarious and quite entertaining. Last week, Nigel, Rocco and I got together and I took the two boys on while watching Fuck Team Five. I enjoyed Nigel's thick dick squeeze into my pussy as I sucked on Rocco's cock. So, I guess watching the girls seduce the boys on TV can be a turn on and maybe a little rubbed off on me. These ladies know what they want -- and take it!

I reached out to my friends at Bang Bros, the producers of the Fuck Team Five series, and Swing in the City will now feature Bang Bros pictures and videos in my postings. I absolutely love this company because they have very original series and keep the viewers entertained.

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This week's question comes from Ms. Confused. She writes:

Dear Sex Kitten, I believe I am a very sexual woman and love to have sex. I am recently divorced and have been out on the dating scene. I have joined a few dating sites and have been contemplating joining swingers personal sites for some no strings attached fun. I don't want to sleep with the men I date on our first date because I don't want them to use me for sex and leave me. At the same time, I need some way to explore my sexuality and have fun without being judged by men in a SAFE environment. After reading your blog entry about how the woman that met up with a guy from online to have sex with was mistreated, I am now scared to meet men for the sole purpose of having sex. I read the School of Sex reviews from the single women about how they feel comfortable at your parties and am considering coming to one. However, since I will be coming alone, will I be judged and called a slut? What if I only want to play with men and not other women? Will women and couples make fun of me or call me a tramp? Please help, Ms. Confused

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A new iPhone App, Passion iPhone, rates your sexual performance. I'm not sure if I would reach for my phone during sex to take measurements of my love-making abilities, but maybe some people will. Although if it works, women could really use this tool. Seeing a man's sexual performance rating BEFORE jumping in bed with them may turn out to be extremely beneficial!

Check out the full story here.

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I have written about some of the best of the worst swingers parties in New York City. However, this past Saturday night Rocco and I attended an "event" that may make it to the top of that "Best of the Worst" list.

The host of the party, Ross, advertised his party as the first of many "bi-weekly" events. I had met the host once before -- as he has attempted to run swing parties in the past. Ross isn't a swinger, he dabbles in amateur porn and occasionally finds girls who are willing to escort him to swing parties. His rationale for throwing the party was not to make money, as he was charging relatively little and got his venue, a dance studio, for free as a favor from the owner. I will admit, Ross does have a few good connections -- and I figured that I would at least meet a few interesting people at his party.

Ross sent several almost threatening emails stating that the guests were to arrive between 7:30PM-8:45PM. In fact, he stated that no one would be permitted after 8:45PM. I thought this was a rather foolish cut-off since some guests inevitably come from NJ and the outer boroughs and have issues with traffic at that time. However, I respected the host's request and made an effort to be prompt as a courtesy to the host and the attending guests.

The day of the event, I had a bad feeling. Rocco and I attempted to contact the host of the party three times via phone and twice via email on the day of the party. We wanted to verify that the party was still on. Why wouldn't the party be on? Maybe it was our intuition or maybe it was our natural response after having been screwed at so many so-called "swing parties" (and NOT in a good way). We did not receive any response from the host but still decided to go to the party. Maybe he was just busy preparing for the "hottest swingers party to hit NYC." After all, I know what an ordeal organizing a party can be.

We arrived within the given time slot to the party. I was wearing a short dress exposing my cleavage and heels. Rocco kept staring at me -- so I knew I was dressed to kill! We tried to take the elevator to the third floor, as instructed by the host's email. However, the third floor was locked out and the elevator did not go there. So, we walked up three flights of stairs to see if we could get in. After knocking on the door for a few minutes with no response, we decided to give up and leave. However, just before we were leaving, we decided to go up one more floor to see if we could find anyone. We walked up to the emergency exit on the 4th floor and knocked. To our surprise, someone answered! "Is this where the party is?" we asked. An older gentlemen opened and replied, "Yes." However, we knew this was not the host. He was the owner of the space. We walked in to what looked like a dance studio.

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