Cocks Down South

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There's a funny stigma about sexually confident women. Male dominated views on sexuality insist that a threesome with two girls is hot, but a woman who wants more than one man may be a little too much. I've experienced MMF and FMF threesomes on multiple occasions and I enjoy both. Yes, men and women both do it for me -- but men have an added bonus, a cock. And, if you are a regular reader, you know I like big, thick ones!

I also know that I'm not the only woman in the world who loves to fuck some good dick. I know a number of special ladies who share my appetite for the cock, and it's always a thrill to play with them too. Unfortunately, a number women out there are too shy or repressed to be able to explore their secret desire of fucking amazing new cocks. But, that's why I'm here... to help!

At the extreme end of things are the ladies who enjoy gangbang action. The problem with gangbangs is that things can get out of hand, and fast! Porno flicks don't give an accurate picture of how regular men will fair in a gangbang. Indeed, I've experienced significant problems when I've attempted them (i.e. the men who have trouble getting it up, coordinating the positions, making sure everyone is getting his fair share, etc.) But, I think I've figured out the optimal situation -- a buffet of cock.

When I went down to visit Trapeze in ATL, one of my favorite swing clubs in the U.S. (not associated with NYC's Le Trapeze, aka Le Trap-Sleeze), I knew I had to check out the action on a Friday night when single males would be allowed in. As I filled out the application for membership to enter the club in the lobby, I noticed many attractive couples and males going inside the club. Even before stepping through the door, I knew this was going to be a great party. But, I didn't know how naughty I was going to end up being that night...

Couples attending a swing club on nights nights that allow single males are usually more seasoned and secure with their relationships (with the exception of Bambi). Bringing your girlfriend or wife into a swingers event that allows other males means that a man is confident and pretty selfless. Even if the couple isn't interested in playing with single males, it still takes a special couple to handle the inevitable advances by single men.

Upon entering the club, Rocco and I didn't spend much time out on the dance floor and neither did the other cock-seeking females. We went back to the locker area and changed into our towels. We walked over to couch area adjacent to one of the four bars at Trapeze. Yes, Trapeze is a true swingers paradise with an indoor pool, multiple jacuzzis, and bars at nearly every corner of the club.

As I roamed the play area I quickly realized there were a lot of confident, sexy women getting exactly what they wanted -- no strings attached, safe sex with attractive males. It was really something! Rocco and I sat down and observed a middle aged MILF and her husband. They were getting a drink at the bar and had walked over to the adjacent couch where a man I call Count Cockula was sitting. He was pretty cute, a Caucasian guy with an unusually thick dick. His cock was about 8" long. He sat back and stroked every last inch of that massive dick for us to see. He didn't act creepy, just very confident - which would prove to be a great strategy. I didn't make direct eye contact with him, I was just taking in everything that was going on around me.

The MILF smiled at him. He literally sprang up and made his way over to her. He shook her hand, completely naked with his raging hard-on leading the way. It was kind of funny to watch. The MILF wasted no time at all. She grabbed her drink, her husband, and her new friend and made led them to a private room where she would remain for about an hour. I had never seen anything like it. No-nonsense, no flirting. These people just knew what the wanted. Several other men sealed the deal with women in couples. It was fascinating. So, this is how they do it in the south? The city of Atlanta should put Trapeze in the guidebooks and state: "Any lady looking to get fucked by multiple cocks, come on down." It would be enough to convince me to visit!

Of course, there were plenty of men I wasn't attracted to; but there were also a ton of really hot guys. Some guys could have easily been models, others were gym rats and totally buff. There was a variety and I appreciated that. I noticed that none of the ladies played out in the open, in the public areas. All of them took their single male selection into a private room. What a bummer. I wanted to see some action. In talking to a few men, I also got the impression that the men down south are significantly nicer and more polite than the men in NYC. Rocco and I didn't feel intimidated at all.

A few men approached me and tried to pick me up when Rocco went to the bathroom. Usually not good form, but perhaps they thought I was a single female (and YES, there were quite a few single females who were present too). One man, "Dwayne," asked me if this was my first time at a swing club. I told him that it was my first time at this particular swing club. He told me that he had been to Miami Velvet but didn't like it. I agreed, I told him that I thought Miami Velvet was a nice venue, but the women under 65 years old did not play all night! He was intrigued by my openness.

I thought Dwayne was pretty cute and could see a large tent developing down below. He inquired as to whether I was bi. I told him that I love women, but I'm always into guys with big cocks. He immediately got up and unzipped. My eyes were locked on his rock hard cock. Just in time, Rocco came out of the bathroom. I grabbed the two boys and took them over to a large couch in an open area.

I took Dwayne's cock in my hand as I blew Rocco. The minute I started sucking his cock, about 15 males swarmed over to us! The men formed a circle around me as I gave Rocco head. It was a bit distracting but everything was under control and Rocco was looking out for me. I told Dwayne to strap on a condom and fuck me doggy-style as I took Rocco's cock in my mouth. Before I knew it, the men around me were completely exposed trying to put their cocks in front of me.

The attention was fun, but I was getting a bit overwhelmed. So, I told the boys exactly what I wanted. I said, "I like BIG DICKS; really large, hard cocks only, please." Who knew that this was the secret phrase to get the men to back off?! The crowd eased off and only a few guys remained within 5 feet of me.

Some of these last men standing were not even erect; others were kidding themselves into thinking they had big dicks. But then, right in front of my face, I noticed a long cock that curved up nicely. I grabbed his cock with my free hand and said, "Yes, you."

At that point, the men were a bit too rowdy so I was forced to go into a private room with Dwayne and Rocco. I wasn't sure where the curver-upper went. I closed the room and Dwayne put on a new Magnum. I rode the big boy until he came. I then fucked Rocco until he made me cum. When Dwayne opened the door to leave, the other man I had selected was waiting outside with a hard dick. These men knew how to play! He didn't want to keep me waiting so he had his hard dick ready to fuck--just how I like it. I was so excited that I brought him back into the private room with me and Rocco. He asked me politely in his Southern accent if I had any limitations. I told him that I wasn't going for anal yet. He was pretty vocal, and a lot of fun. He told me to suck Rocco's cock while he ate me out. I usually don't like the way most men lick my pussy, but this guy was an exception. I enjoyed him eating me out while I played with Rocco's cock. Then, he put on a condom and fucked me really hard. His dick reached my g-spot and it felt great. He pulled out and I saw him cumming inside his condom. After he came and left, Rocco and I fucked each other some more before taking a break.

We walked around and made some new friends. We met a very shy couple from Georgia. She was a curvy woman with large, natural breasts. Her husband was a foot taller than me. I noticed he had nice sized equipment. The shy couple went back into the private rooms and were going to play by themselves, as they had not summoned up the courage to talk to anyone. I didn't want the two to play alone, so I did something that I usually never do-I knocked on their door. They answered the knock and I said, "Mind if we join you?" They looked at each other and replied, "Of course!"

Rocco and I played with the pretty lady, taking turns sucking her large breasts. She was shy, but she managed to tell us what she wanted -- Rocco! So, swapped partners. Because of the small size of the room and our differences in height, I decided to ride the man. His dick was just right. Rocco took the lady from the back. I reached over and sucked her breasts as I rode her husband's cock. I rode him until he came. Rocco was still fucking the lady and she surprised us all by saying, "Yeah, fuck me HARDER!" I told Rocco to listen to her and he fucked her so hard that she came, twice!

We thanked the couple and told them to come up to visit us if they come out to NYC. The lady, in her accent, told Rocco, "Well, now you can say you fucked a southern girl!"

Now, this would've been an end to any great night, but we weren't done yet. In fact, Rocco hadn't even cum once yet. I had cum a few times already, but I was still horny. I met a few single females who came to find some fun. I told them that they had cum to the right place. A few couples were fucking in the couples only area, and the ladies and I were watching.

As we watched, one of the club's managers came over. Uh-oh... Was I in trouble? Did I fuck too many guys or something? "So you write Swing in the City??" he asked. The manager was so happy we had come out to the club. Of course, it was our pleasure. All of the club's staff was super accommodating and the facilities were amazing. The manager told us to come back soon because the club was going to go through additional renovations to further improve the place! The owner of this club, who we later met, truly cares about his patrons.

I had a few more hot experiences that night, but I'm going to save those for another post!